Ico's ship

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Ico's ship
Reachers by EccoS.jpg
Type Merchant ship
Captain Ico
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

The ship crashed through the ocean of beads, surging toward the lighthouse. It employed no sail, no mast, and no oars. Instead, it was pulled from the front by an elaborate rigging attached to a group of incredible spren.

—Description of Ico's ship as it approaches Riino's lighthouse[1]

Ico's ship is a merchant vessel in Shadesmar crewed by Reachers, captained by Ico.[1][2] Very few crew members speak Alethi.[3]


Like all ships in Shadesmar, Ico's vessel does not have traditional masts, sails, or oars, and instead is pulled by multiple mandras that are harnessed to the bow of the ship.[1] Lines of copper plating can be found embedded in the walls and flooring of the craft, which the Reachers crew use to communicate.[2] Reachers walk around barefoot so that they can touch the lines in the floor.[2]

The ship has three levels; the hold, the lower deck, and the upper deck. Accomodation,[2] the brig,[4] and the hold[2] can all be found on the lower deck. Cabins are available for both the spren sailors and passengers, with the former being filled with hammocks, and the latter with bunks.[2] Ico, as captain, has his own personal rooms.[4] The brig is located in the stern of the ship and is where Ico detains any deadeyes, including his father, who are travelling on the vessel.[4] A cramped hold can be found on the lower deck and is full of crates and barrels that are lashed to the walls and floor.[2] Harpoons are stored in racks along the sides of the upper deck.[2]


Ico's ship stopped at Riino's lighthouse in 1174 as part of its voyage through the Sea of Lost Lights.[2] While docked at the peninsula, Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Azure, and their spren negotiated for passage with the ship's captain, Ico.[4] All aboard, the ship set sail for Celebrant,[2] where it was due to unload its goods, and newly acquired passengers, before continuing further east. Despite their attempts, the group of humans were unable to convince the captain to take them to Cultivation's Perpendicularity or Thaylen City.[4] After arriving in Celebrant, the ship underwent a standard inspection, run by Kyril and another Fused. During the inspection it was discovered that the ship had carried humans, leading Kyril to accidentally set it on fire out of anger. It is unknown if the ship was entirely destroyed in the blaze or if the fire was extinguished fast enough to save the vessel.[3]


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