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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Jix is a lighteyed guard for House Davar.[1]

He has a gut but is very strong, and was of the eighth dahn. Jix rarely combs his hair and often chews yamma root.[1]

He accompanies the household to the Middlefest Fair. He follows Shallan as she walks around the celebrations, helping her find Balat Davar in the gambling pavilion. She delivers a letter from Eylita Tavinar before returning to her father's pavilion.[1]

Jix and his fellow guard Ekel are present when Mill took Jushu Davar as payment for debts.[2]

Jix and the other Davar household guards which Shallan had grown up with are replaced later, likely due to the Ghostbloods interest in Lin Davar.[3] The guards who replace Jix and the others are far more brutal and bloody.[4]


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