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Nationality Veden
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Words of Radiance

Mill is a darkeyed bookmaker in Jah Keved on Roshar.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

I killed my brother when he tried to cheat me. You shouldn't let relations cloud your eyes.


He has a calm, smooth voice and a haughty demeanor, particularly for a darkeyes.[1] He is cold and calculating, and looks out only for himself, even killing his own brother over an attempted scam.[1]

He and his associates wear Veden clothing from a bygone era, including the traditional ulatu.[1] His illicit activities presumably make him wealthier than most darkeyes, and he owns at least one chull-drawn carriage.[1]


Around the year 1170, Mill allowed Jushu Davar to fraternize with his crew for a time while Jushu ran up a huge gambling debt of nearly one hundred emerald broams.[1] Jushu promised that his father would cover his debts, and when Mill decided to collect, he took Jushu captive and went to the Davar estate. Lin Davar exhibited no sympathy for Jushu and declined to bail him out of his gambling debts.[1]

Shallan was extremely upset by Lin's reaction, but she discovered that the family was broke and had no way to cover the debt.[1] She asked Balat and Wikim to give her their valuable ceremonial knives, then chased down Mill, who had already severely beaten Jushu before binding him and forcing him to walk behind his carriage.[1] Shallan offered Mill the knives along with her aluminum necklace in exchange for Jushu's freedom. Mill told her that her offering was only worth about fifty emerald broams and that killing a lighteyes such as Jushu had value to him since it would set an example for his other bettors.[1] Shallan correctly ascertained that Mill himself was not a gambler; she argued that Jushu's death might not benefit Mill as much as he believed, while the knives and necklace had clear material value.[1] Mill continued to waver until Shallan told him that Jushu comforted her after her mother's murder.[1] Mill finally softened and took the knives as payment. He allowed Shallan to keep her necklace.[1]


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