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All's Alley

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All's Alley
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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All's Alley is a dive bar in Urithiru.


Located in the Breakaway, All's Alley is a big set of five tents sewn together, each a different color. The tents are sewn to create partitioned-off areas, darkened nooks—and a few have tables and chairs instead of boxes. The “bar” is a plank set across some boxes,with a draped cloth over the middle.


Ned a drunk, from Sadeas's camp strangled his wife Rem just outside All's Alley. The next day one of the barmaids at All's Alley was killed in the same way. Ur one of the hired protectors of All's Alley dropped Ned off the plateau outside. Shallan is drawn by the tales of murder while investigating the murder of Torol Sadeas and eventually discovers that the second murder was committed by a creature belonging to one of the unmade.


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