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All's Alley
Owner Sullik
Usage Tavern
City Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

All’s Alley. Keep away from there. Someone got stabbed behind one of the taverns just last night there.

Jor's warning Shallan away from All's Alley.[1]

All's Alley is a dive bar in Urithiru owned by Sullik.[1] A number of lighteyed thugs, including Betha and Ur, provide protection for the bar.[1] It is frequented by disreputable soldiers and craftsmen.[1]


Both richer than the other tavern and lower at the same time.

—A description of All's Alley[1]

Located in the Breakaway, All's Alley is a big set of five tents sewn together, each a different color.[1] The tents are sewn to create partitioned-off areas and darkened nooks with a few containing tables and chairs instead of boxes.[1] According to Navani's original layout for the Breakaway, the bar should be located in section two, in the central corridor near the lifts.[2] The tavern is not set in an alley.[1]

The “bar” is a plank set across some boxes, with a draped cloth over the middle.[1] The bar stocks both single barrel Veden saph and Horneater white.[1] The Horneater white is kept as a joke and not intended to be sold to customers.[1] The pub smells worse than other establishments and while oil lamps are used for light, the bar is still quite dim.[1]

A bouncer guards the entrance to the bar, however, does not stop patrons from entering.[1] Hired thugs also provide protection for the bar and deal with issues when they arise.[1] Sullik is the bartender and has little tolerance for people who are likely to cause trouble in his bar.[1]

The murders that occurred near the bar do not seem to have affected overall turnover with the pub being packed with people when visited by Shallan.[1]


It is unknown whether All's Alley had existed in the warcamps before they were evacuated by a large majority of the Alethi army. After moving to Urithiru following the Everstorm, Sullik set up All's Alley in the Breakaway. Not long after doing so Ned, a drunk from Sadeas's camp, strangled his wife Rem just outside the bar. The next day one of the barmaids was also killed in the same way. Ur one of the hired protectors of All's Alley dropped Ned off the plateau for the death of the barmaid.[1]

Shallan learned of the murder while visiting bars in the Breakaway, trying to find out information that may relate to the death of Sadeas. Sullik refused to tell Shallan details of the murders, however, pointed her towards his hired thugs, who were drinking in another part of the bar. After speaking with the thugs, and injuring Ur, Shallan learned of Rem's death, as well as the second murder. It is during this encounter that Shallan first meets Ishnah, who trails Shallan later in an attempt to join the Ghostbloods.[1][3][4] Shallan later realized that the barmaid had been killed by the Unmade Re-Shephir, who had copied the initial murder of Rem.[5]

Later, Rock was attacked by Re-Shephir, who mimicked Veil's attack on Ur, several streets away from the bar.[3]


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