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Profession Bartender
Residence Urithiru
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

I’ve seen your type, with that haunted look. You’ll get yourself drunk, then pick a fight. I don’t care what it is you want to forget; go find some other place to do it.

—Sullik to Veil when he cuts off her alcohol[1]

Sullik is the owner and bartender of the bar All's Alley in the Urithiru breakaway.[1] He is a larger man, who may or may not be lighteyes and who wears a takama. He has hired a number of lower class lighteyed thugs, including Betha and Ur, to provide protection for his bar.[1]

He is aware of the murders that occurred near the bar and is wary of authority figures looking into the incident out of fear that they would shut down the bar.[1]

He keeps Horneater white at the bar as a joke.[1] He does not know what the liquor is made from, however, knows that it works well as paint stripper.[1] He knows when to cut patrons off and has little tolerance for people who are likely to cause trouble in his bar.[1]

When Shallan questioned him about the murders that occurred, he refused to tell her details and instead pointed her in the direction of his hired thugs.[1]


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