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Betha by Deepteadraws.jpg
Profession Thug
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

One of the barmaids here. That we couldn’t let pass. We protect this place, you see.

—Betha when explaining to Shallan why her group had killed Ned.[1]

Betha is the leader of the gang of thugs that have been hired by Sullik to protect All's Alley at Urithiru.[1] She is a noblewoman with light brown eyes and of an unknown dahn.[1]

She wears a havah that does not have a safehand sleeve and a glove that has been cut off at the knuckles.[1]

She is aware of the Ghostbloods and recognises their symbol.[1] She wants nothing to do with the group.[1] She is calm when confronted and unfazed by violence, even against those she knows.[1]


You think assaulting my friends is going to make me more likely to talk?

—Betha to Shallan after she stabbed Ur in the hand[1]

Betha lived on the Shattered Plains then relocated to Urithiru following the Everstorm. She and her gang of thugs pursued and killed Ned after he killed both his wife and a barmaid from All's Alley. Betha was not surprised that Ned had killed his wife, and from her previous encounters with the man, expected he would eventually murder Rem. Betha and her group did not act against Ned until he killed a staff member of All's Alley, which they were hired to protect. If he had not killed the barmaid, Betha had planned to leave any actions against him to Aladar's police force.[1]

Shallan approached Betha and her group while trying to find information on the murders that had occurred around the bar. Betha was uninterested in sharing information with Shallan and though she thought the other women was crazy for stabbing Ur, she was unfazed by the violence. She was, however, shaken when Shallan scratched the Ghostblood symbol in the bar table and promptly told Shallan how her group had killed Ned. After Shallan began leaving, she overheard Betha and her group talking about the murder of the barmaid. Shallan confronted the group again, Betha told her that the barmaid had been killed in the exact same place and exact same way as Rem, hence why they had gone after Ned.[1]


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