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Ur (character)
Profession Thug
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Unkalaki
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Oh wait, look, I see your mark here, in blood. Ur’s seat. I was wrong. But mine’s here too. Suppose you can sit in my lap, if you want.

Veil after stabbing Ur through the hand.[1]

Ur is an Unkalaki thug who works for Sullik at All's Alley at Urithiru.[1] He is an enormous man who is nearly seven feet tall.[1] He is strong and capable of manhandling people.[1]


Ur and the All's Alley's gang of thugs pursued and killed Ned after he killed both his wife and a barmaid from All's Alley. Ur took him to the edge of Urithiru and threw him from the cliff edge, despite Ned's pleas that he had not committed the second murder. The group did not act against Ned until he killed a staff member of All's Alley, which they were hired to protect. If he had not killed the barmaid, the group had planned to leave any actions against him to Aladar's police force.[1]

After returning from the bathroom at the pub one night, Ur found Veil in his seat and tossed her aside. Veil, in return, drove a knife through both of their hands, after placing her safehand on top of his left hand. The pain from the injury caused Ur to fall out of his seat, allowing Veil to reclaim it as her own. He threatened Veil with violence, however was quietened by Betha.[1] Later, Re-Shephir imitated this altercation with Lunamor.


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