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Spouse Rem
Died [1]
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

We knew Ned would go too far at some point. Everyone did. I don’t think any of us was surprised when, after she tried to drag him away from the tavern that night, he finally went over the edge.

—The All's Alley thugs' opinion on Ned's temper.[1]

Ned is a resident of Urithiru on Roshar from Sadeas' camp.[1] He is married to Rem.[1] He is dropped off a high ledge by Ur after a barmaid from All's Alley is killed.[1] He wears a ring.[1]


Ned lived in the Sadeas warcamp on the Shattered Plains and relocated to Urithiru after the Battle of Narak. His wife Rem followed him to Urithiru.[1]

Betha, a hired thug at All's Alley, knew Ned to be an extremely angry drunk. Betha and the other thugs were not surprised when Ned strangled Rem after she tried to take him home from the bar one night. During the attack, he scraped Rem's face with the ring he was wearing. The next day, one of the barmaids at All's Alley was killed in the exact same way. Betha's group of thugs are paid to protect the bar, and they assumed that Ned was also behind the second murder and had to be killed as a security threat. Ur, one of Betha's associates, dropped Ned off a high plateau despite his denial of murdering the barmaid. If he had not killed the barmaid, Betha had planned to leave any actions against him to Aladar's police force.[1]

Shallan learned of Ned's crimes from Betha while investigating murders that might be related to Torol Sadeas' death.[1] She later realized that the barmaid had been killed by the Unmade Re-Shephir, who had copied the initial murder.[2]


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