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Died Battle of Kholinar, 1174[1]
Aliases Noro
Profession Lieutenant
Groups Kholinar Wall Guard
Residence Kholinar
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Oathbringer

Noromin (usually Noro) is an Alethi soldier on Roshar. He is a lieutenant in the Kholinar Wall Guard and the commander of Squad Two within Platoon Seven.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He has light blue eyes and a wispy dark beard, and usually wears the blue uniform of the Wall Guard.[3][4] He can be rather charming, though his manner is more reminiscent of a merchant than of a soldier.[3][2] Noro and his squad are very welcoming, and Noro is always pushing to keep his men out of trouble, as shown by his numerous examples of shushing people when they are about to say something sensitive, such as talking about Highmarshal Azure's 'secret'[2] or Pai's execution.[4] Kaladin sees him as oversensitive to discussing delicate subjects.[5] On the battlefield, Noro is a competent but somewhat unassertive leader; when Kaladin preempts his authority during a Fused raid, he shows lenience by shrugging it off.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Noro trains and fights alongside his men and is versed in the use of a side sword, pike, truncheon, and shield. He is the most senior squad lieutenant in his platoon, and reports to Captain Deedanor.[4] He has knowledge of military tactics and is a capable melee fighter.[4][1] Noro is of a slightly higher dahn than the members of his "tenner" squad.[4]


Noro encountered Kaladin wearing a uniform in Kholinar while the city was under siege and assumed he was a deserter. He was surprised to see a "lighteyes" with a slave brand, but was cordial to Kaladin and offered him a hot meal with no strings attached. Kaladin immediately felt at home with the Kholinar Wall Guard due to their well-run operations and the welcoming behavior of Noro and the other men; he also hoped to learn more about Highmarshal Azure.[3][2] Kaladin officially joined the Wall Guard after consulting with Elhokar and was assigned to Noro's squad.[4]

Noro led his squad during their shifts on wall duty and on patrol, including meetings with Velalant as part of a deal to distribute food in the city. He was present during the Fused raids that occurred while Kaladin was with the squad[4][6] and also when Kaladin questioned Azure; he was mortified by Kaladin's blunt approach.[5] Nevertheless, Noro quickly recognized Kaladin's skill and leadership abilities and suggested that he should be promoted to lieutenant. He quickly began deferring to Kaladin's orders in battle despite his own seniority. When Kaladin revealed both his mission and his ability to absorb Investiture, Noro was extremely surprised.[6]

Noro was present with the rest of his squad when Azure allowed Kaladin into the windblades to show him the secrets that kept the Kholinar Wall Guard fed.[7] The squad effectively served as an honor guard for Kaladin during the final assault on Kholinar Palace.[1] During the skirmish, Noro killed two singers that Kaladin had known, Jali and Sah, before having his head split by Khen's axe.[1]


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