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Died Battle of Kholinar 1174[1]
Aliases Noro
Groups Kholinar Wall Guard
Residence Kholinar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Noromin (usually Noro) is a lieutenant in the Kholinar Wall Guard and commander of Squad Two within Platoon Seven.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He has light blue eyes and a wispy dark beard, and can be rather charming, though his manner is more reminescent of a merchant than of a soldier.[3][2] Noro and his squad are very welcoming, and Noro is always pushing to keep his men out of trouble, as shown by his numerous examples of shushing people when they are about to say something sensitive, such as Highmarshall Azure's 'secret'[2] and the ardent's execution in Kholinar.[4] That being said, Noro is very lenient about other things, such as when Kaladin preempted his authority during a Fused raid.[4]

Aquaintance with Kaladin[edit]

Noro is the one who convinced Kaladin to sign up in the Kholinar Wall Guard, using the lure of a hot meal and welcoming behavior.[3][2] He was present during each Fused raid, [4][5]and also when Kaladin questioned Azure,[6] later revealing his mission and ability to absorb Investiture.[5] Noromin followed Kaladin into the Windblades to discover the secret that kept the Kholinar Wall Guard fed,[7] and into Kholinar Palace to protect Kaladin during the fighting that took place in the Siege of Kholinar.[1] He and Platoon Seven, Squad Two ultimately failed, and Noromin killed two Voidbringers Kaladin had known, Jali and Sah, before having his head split by Khen's ax.[1]


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