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Died Siege of Kholinar[1]
Titles Captain
Groups Kholinar Wall Guard
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Captain Deedanor is an Alethi man who is the platoon leader of the Seventh Platoon of the Kholinar Wall Guard on Roshar during the Era of Solitude.[1]

Deedanor's second in command was Lieutenant Noromin, who commanded the platoon in the event of Deedanor's absence.[2]

Deedanor was sitting at the dinner table when Kaladin began questioning Highmarshal Azure on her identity and past.[3] He stared at Kaladin slack-jawed at the boldness of his questions. When an attack on the wall by the Fused interrupted them, Deedanor went up to the wall with the rest of the platoon.[1] One of the Fused pinned Deedanor to the wall's battlements with her lance and then lifted him and tossed him off the wall. Deedanor screamed as he fell and died upon hitting the ground. Kaladin considered using his Surgebinding to save him, but he decided that it was not worth the risk and instead began organizing the platoon's defense.


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