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Residence Kholinar
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

She would have applauded Velalant's kindness, save for his soldiers’ blatant incompetence.


Velalant is a middling lighteyes highlord in Kholinar who controls food distribution during the Siege. He commands a unit of soldiers, presumably his household guard, who can be recognized by their pale blue uniforms.[1]


Though it seems as though Velalant's striving to be fair in the way he's distributing the food, the grain station he operates is poorly maintained, with hours-long queues and no attempt to separate those who truly need its services from the servants of wealthy lighteyes.[1] Moreover, he's not above corruption - an unknown portion of the grain is appropriated for his guards and other lighteyes, and Azure worries that if she doesn't distribute the food through him, he and his fellow highlords will attack the Kholinar Wall Guard to seize their stores.[2] Shallan speculates that the distribution stations are deliberately set up to prioritize the rich over the poor so that Velalant would have the support of the other lighteyes, should the situation in the city change in his favor.[1]


Until the Siege, Velalant was a relatively minor player on the city's political scene, but as all the higher-ranking highlords vanished into Kholinar Palace, he found himself rising in prominence. After the riots, he used his guards to take over an abandoned bank called Secure Keeps, and struck a deal with the Wall Guard to distribute the food they were Soulcasting. He additionally secured a market area around the distribution station, and kept peace in his small corner of the city.[1][2]

Velalant's ultimate fate is uncertain. As Elhokar rallied numerous Alethi nobles to attack the palace, it's possible he was present there; and even if he wasn't, he was still in the city when the Voidbringers took it over.[3] Either way, it's highly probable he did not survive the Siege.


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