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Kaves Kholin

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Kaves Kholin
Relatives Gavilar, Dalinar, Elhokar, Jasnah, Adolin, Renarin
Died Likely killed in the Siege of Kholinar[1]
Residence Kholinar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Brightlord Kaves Kholin is a distant Kholin relative that lives in Kholinar during the Era of Solitude.[2][1]

During his time as a lesser lord in Kholinar, Kaves wielded only middling power.[2] However he had greater ambitions and often sought to increase his influence within the city, much to the annoyance of the royal members of his family. As such there was little love lost between Kaves and the main branch of House Kholin.

Following the arrival of the True Desolation and the besieging of Kholinar by the Voidbringers, Kaves Kholin like many other lighteyes sought an audience with Queen Aesudan,[2] who had retreated into her palace and not been seen for some time.[3] He came to the palace accompanied by several attendants,[2] but was captured and executed on the queen's orders along with his retainers.[1] His corpse, as well as those of his attendants, were placed in a wine cellar within the palace and allowed to rot and be scavenged by cremlings.[4] The bodies were discovered by Shallan Davar during her attempt to infiltrate the palace. She brought this news back Adolin and Elhokar, who guessed one of the corpses likely belonged to Kaves, but mourned little for his death.[2]


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