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Abilities Nahel bond, Dustbringer magic, Splinter
Bonded With Malata
Groups Diagram
Species Ashspren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Spark is an ashspren on Roshar who is bonded to Malata.[1] She and Malata are part of the Diagram organization.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Shallan could see no sign of Spark when meeting Malata, nor has there been any information given concerning her appearance.[1]

Spark likes to break things;[2] like other ashspren, she wants to know what is inside.[1] She does not like the term "Dustbringer", which is the name commonly used for the Radiant order that bonds to ashspren, and may prefer the name "Releaser".[3] This may be partially due to the similarity of "Dustbringer" to "Voidbringer".[4]

Spark is game for whatever it takes to get vengeance. And what lets her break stuff.


Spark blames the Knights Radiant and their devotion to Honor for the killing of hundreds of ashspren and is seeking vengeance.[2] Malata also expresses skepticism about the Radiants.[1] Taravangian questions Spark's willingness to help the Diagram with certain activities that may contradict the desires of other spren, but Malata assures him that Spark is resolute in her convictions.[2]


Nahel Bond[edit]

Through her Nahel bond with Malata, Spark gains increased sapience in the Physical Realm and presumably an increased ability to manifest a physical form. The bond also allows Malata to bind the Surges of Division and Abrasion. The surge of Abrasion presumably allows Malata to manipulate friction,[5] although she has not been seen using this power. She has been seen using Division, which can cause objects (even living things) to degrade, burn, or turn to dust.[2] The powers of Dustbringers have been referred to as "dreadful"[4] and Pattern seems to believe that they inevitably start destroying things.[1]

Malata is also able to summon Spark as a Shardblade.[3] Spark's Shardblade form is likely similar to other Blades on Roshar since Dalinar sees it on several occasions and does not comment on its appearance. Malata is able to use Spark as a Shardblade to operate the Oathgates.[6][7]


Never mind what the Radiants did to Spark’s friends, never mind that organized devotion to Honor is what killed hundreds of ashspren in the first place.

—Malata to Taravangian on betraying Dalinar and the Radiants[2]

According to the Diagram, Dustbringers were the Radiants most likely to accept the group's cause. Taravangian searched the Diagram's ranks for someone who could bond an ashspren and felt fortunate to have discovered Malata.[8] After Malata bonded Spark, she was suddenly elevated from a lower rank into the upper echelon of the organization.[8]

Malata maintained that she and Spark were not beholden to Taravangian. She claimed that Spark suggested working with him as a convenient way to see the newly-rediscovered city of Urithiru.[1]

Once at Urithiru, Spark and Malata seemed to be working with Dalinar and the coalition. Spark was used to open the Oathgates more and more often.[2][9] However, Spark was secretly spying on Dalinar and was responsible for finding out about other visions that Dalinar had not shared with everyone.[2] Tidbits of information recovered by Spark helped Taravangian with his accusations of treason that led to the collapse of Dalinar's coalition.[2][9]

Spark and Malata were conspicuously absent during the Battle of Thaylen Field. Since Malata had been tasked with operating the Oathgates, Teshav mentioned their absence as the reason that additional Alethi forces could not reach the city.[10] Additionally, the Diagram sent a strike force of Singers to Urithiru,[10][11] although it is not confirmed whether or not Spark and Malata allowed them passage through an Oathgate.



Spark's relationship with Malata is only known through Malata's comments regarding Spark to other people. Spark and Malata seem to collaborate with each other; Malata notes that sometimes Spark makes suggestions on their course of action, while at other points Spark seems to do things at Malata's request.[1][2] Spark has recounted the events of the Recreance to Malata, who expresses empathy regarding Spark´s pain and resentment towards the Radiants.[2] Malata also seems to gain confidence after bonding Spark.[2] Taravangian believes that Spark's self-awareness will grow the longer that she is bonded to Malata, and that her personality may change as a result.[2]


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