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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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A Calling is a teaching of Vorinism which is a persons chosen profession, the way they serve The Almighty in the afterlife.

Vorinism required a person to focus on two things, a devotary or Glory and a Calling. Each devotary was essentially an ideal, an aspect of the Almighty that one will devote their life to (Justice, Leadership, Purity, etc.). A Calling was an occupation or activity which ideally would help one serve the Almighty when ascending to the afterlife. The Calling could have ranged from all manner of professions such as cooking and soldiering, although in Alethkar soldiering is considered to be the most valuable of skills followed closely by farming.[1][2] An ardent would help the religious person set goals in their Calling in order to prove themselves to the Almighty.

It was believed that when someone ascended after death, they would use their Calling in order to help the Almighty recapture the Tranquiline Halls (Soldiers would fight, Duelers would duel, Cooks would cook) however their abilities in their Calling would be greatly enhanced, e.g. farmers would wave a hand and a field of crop would grow.


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