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Janala Lustow
Parents Brightlord Lustow
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Janala is a fool, just bright enough to be proud of the wits she has, but stupid enough to be unaware of how outmatched they are.

Jasnah [1]

Janala Lustow is the daughter of Brightlord Lustow, one of Highprince Dalinar's cavalry officers, who courted Adolin Kholin for a short time. Falksi is her Azish handmaiden.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Janala is described as being very beautiful,[2][1] having luxurious black hair and a sly smile.[3] It's implied she has a large bust.[1] She's described as having her nose perpetually in the air and a way of enunciating that Shallan finds irritating.[1] Her laugh sounds rehearsed, like most women at court.[1]

She likes ancient epic poems, and Adolin considers trying to explain his rather dramatic falling out with Rilla in such a way.[3] Janala is very daring and teasing, having flirted with Adolin despite knowing he was courting Rilla.[3] According to Adolin, she finds chasmfiend hunts to be barbarous.[3] Janala pretends to enjoy walking to spend some time with Adolin but the minute she is fed up with him she demands a palanquin be found for her.[2] She also likes to talk, mostly about herself, and court gossip and believes Dalinar should abandon his strict adherence to the Alethi Codes of War, and asks Adolin to talk to his father about it.[2] She pays little attention to the War.[2]


At some point Janala made her Calling music.[2]

Janala flirted with Adolin while he was still courting Rilla which lead to a falling out between the two. Adolin didn't take her out on the chasmfiend hunt both because she found it barbarous and to let things cool down before they spent more time together.[3]

During his investigations into the assassination attempt on King Elhokar Adolin brought Janala along on the pretense of it being a walk. She complained when he brought her to the leather-working shop, having assumed there would be more walking involved on their walk and is quite happy to be free of it when they leave.[2] She is again annoyed when he takes her to the Temple, having assumed they were going somewhere romantic and tells him she's going to wait outside.[2]

After the disastrous walk they went on she grew less interested in Adolin, partially because of his inattention and partially because he's far less interesting when he wasn't courting someone else.[4]

In Urithiru Janala was working as Teshav's assistant. During the meeting of the scholars she proposed figuring out what Urithiru needed to learn the function of Urithiru's fabrials. She insulted Renarin which prompted others in attendance to laugh at him. This drew Shallan's anger and she proceeded to wittily insult Janala's intelligence.[1]


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