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Profession Soldier
Groups Kholinar Wall Guard
Residence Kholinar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

How is it those refugees can't get it through their heads that we're the only thing separating them from the army outside?

—Ved to members of his squad[1]

Ved is a member of the Kholinar Wall Guard on Roshar. He is a lighteyes of the tenth dahn, colloquially called a "tenner."[1]

Ved was part of Platoon Seven, Squad Two of the Kholinar Wall Guard during the invasion of Kholinar by the Fused. He and the other members of his squad--Beard, Noro, Alaward, and Vaceslv--readily accepted Kaladin as their sixth member. Their normal duties involved patrolling along the inside of the city wall and guarding a shipment of grain from the citizens of the city until Velalant's troops came to fetch it.[1] Kaladin stood between Ven and Beard during one of Azure's inspections, and during one of the Fused's sorties, Beard and Ved stood together on the wall to fend them off with pikes.[2][3] Ved and his squad accompanied Azure and Kaladin, at the latter's request, to see the secret of how Azure was feeding the Wall Guard.[4] He was astonished to discover that Kaladin was a Knight Radiant,[3] but he and the rest of the squad followed Kaladin and Elhokar into Kholinar palace during the Battle of Kholinar; having lost their captain, they decided to follow Kaladin instead.[5]


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