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Silver House
Usage Mayor's mansion
City Bilming
Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

The Silver House is a mansion in Bilming on Scadrial. It is the residence of the sitting lord mayor.[1]


The building is far from the tallest in Bilming, but its design and silvery-white paint give it a majestic quality.[1] It has a "springy" grass lawn.[2]


In 348 PC, the Silver House was home to mayor Gave Entrone,[1] although he owned another mansion at the edge of town.[3]

During Wax and Wayne's investigation of Telsin and the Set, they became suspicious of Gave. They traveled to Bilming and broke into his office in the Silver House, where Wax discovered a calendar with various references to a "lab", a safe that only a Mistborn or Hemalurgist could open, and a trapdoor.[2] The trapdoor led to a small bunker with access to a storm drain, such that someone could leave the building undetected.[4] Wayne, who was tasked with creating a distraction, set a fire that quickly raged out of control until the building was fully ablaze.[4]

The Set had not anticipated Wax breaking into the building, and the information he found there helped him piece together Gave's true intentions.[5][6]


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