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Type Game
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
This page or section contains spoilers for Oathbringer!
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Pieces is a guessing game played on Roshar.

The game involves a player, the "mink" arranging ten unique tokens such that there is nine hidden in a triangle around a tenth piece. The other players attempt to duplicate the mink's arrangement and bet on who will make the closest match. Vorinism frowns upon gambling purely on hidden things as it implies guessing the future. At least one version of the game uses the ten Alethi Highprinces as the ten tokens.

Whilst in Urithiru, Veil finds Shallan's men — Vathah, Gaz, Red & Shob — playing pieces in Sebarial barracks' common room.[1] The round starts with Vathah playing as the mink, but Shob calls for the finish after only a few rounds, and none of the players have a match but Veil determined the correct layout quickly.


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