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Profession Soldier
Religion Vorin
Groups Sadeas army (formerly)
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

With the way justice plays out in this world, I can guarantee you'll outlive the rest of us.

—Vathah to Shob[1]

Shob is a former soldier and deserter on Roshar. He is a member of Vathah's group that is loyal to Shallan Davar.[2][1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Shob is rather talkative. He is a hypochondriac and often claims that he is dying;[2] he also claims to be turning into a Voidbringer, based on a nonexistent rash on his arm.[1] He is presumably of the Vorin faith, as he wears a glyphward wrapped around the "rash". He is uncouth, and Ishnah is repelled when he discusses his boils and picks his nose in front of her.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He speaks in what seems to be a Bav accent,[fn 1] though some sentences come out with a more neutral intonation.[1]

He enjoys playing cards and other games with his friends, including Vathah, Gaz, and Red.[2] He is skilled at pieces, and enjoys the game even if it is being played for ends.[1]


Shob's past is mysterious, but he likely hails from Bavland, based on his accent. He has at least two brothers.[1] Towards the end of the War of Reckoning, he fought for an Alethi army on the Shattered Plains (presumably that of Torol Sadeas), but he deserted the army for unknown reasons, becoming a fugitive.[5] He joined a band of other deserters led by Vathah that roamed the Frostlands stealing food from travelers, trying to stay alive and forget their pasts.[6][7] In late 1173, the group intended to attack Tvlakv and Macob's caravans, but Shallan Davar intervened and convinced them to instead defend the caravans against another group of bandits.[6]

As part of Vathah's group, Shob accompanied Shallan to the Shattered Plains. His past crimes were pardoned[8] and he was housed in the Sebarial warcamp.[9] He presumably participated in the Battle of Narak and the move to Urithiru. In Urithiru, Shob was one of twelve former deserters (of the original group of around twenty-five)[6] that was still alive and loyal to Shallan.[2] He remained employed as one of Shallan's guards, although she rarely had anything for them to do.[10]

Unlike his friends Red, Gaz, and Vathah, Shob was not chosen to train in spycraft with Ishnah.[11] Most of the former deserters became Lightweaver squires and members of the Unseen Court,[12] but it is not clear if Shob was among them.


  1. His pattern of speech is similar to Took's, and matches Tyn's imitation of a Bav accent.[3][4]
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