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Nu Ralik
Related to Purelake
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Nu Ralik is a deity secretly worshiped by the people of the Purelake on Roshar.[1]


Rysn notes that every Purelaker she has met cares deeply about their gods.[2] The Purelakers believe that Nu Ralik has a great deal of influence on their lives. Ishikk believes that Nu Ralik is responsible for both the quality of his daily fishing catch and Maib's recent finger aches.[1] Ishikk also believes that Nu Ralik holds sway over his destiny, and he often mentally appeals to Nu Ralik regarding potential events in his future.[1]

... Nu Ralik knew that the boundaries of nature were far more important than the boundaries of nations. Ishikk was a Purelaker. First and foremost. By tide and sun he was.


Nu Ralik has an indeterminate association with the natural world. Ishikk has little regard for kingdoms or borders, believing that Nu Ralik places precedence on natural boundaries.[1] Purelakers also have a strong penchant for being in the sunlight[3] and keeping their feet in the water to feel the tides;[1] Ishikk thinks "Nu Ralik forbid!" in regards to wearing a shirt.[1]


Although Nu Ralik is the true god of the Purelakers, in public they always swear by Vun Makak, Nu Ralik's jealous and spiteful younger brother.[1] They believe that they must trick Vun Makak into believing that they worship him instead.[1] They do not speak Nu Ralik's name outside of their holy grottos,[1] although in one instance a Purelaker invokes Nu Ralik's name when he is about to die.[3]

Oh, Nu Ralik ... We shouldn't have killed the guard. I just wanted ... wanted to see the sun again ...

— A Purelaker convict paralysed by Szeth[3]

Despite the efforts of the Purelakers, their worship of Nu Ralik is not completely secret, as both Jasnah Kholin and the Seventeenth Shard are aware that he is their true god.[4][1]


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