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Vun Makak

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Vun Makak
Related to Purelake
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Vun Makak was a deity worshiped by people of the Purelake on Roshar.

Foreigners were so stupid. Of course Nu Ralik was their god, but you always pretended that he wasn't. Vun Makak — his younger, spiteful brother — had to be tricked into thinking you worshiped him, otherwise he’d get jealous. It was only safe to speak of these things in a holy grotto.
Ishikk on the Purelaker religion.[1]
Oh, Vun Makak. What have you done to me?
— A convict paralysed by Szeth[2]

Vun Makak is the brother of Nu Ralik in the Purelake religion. Vun Makak is seen as Nu Ralik's "younger, spiteful brother" who needed to be tricked into thinking that he was worshiped. Therefore, while Nu Ralik is their true god, they all swear by Vun Makak (unless they are in the "holy grotto").


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