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Vun Makak

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Vun Makak
Related to Purelake
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Foreigners were so stupid. Of course Nu Ralik was their god, but you always pretended that he wasn't. Vun Makak — his younger, spiteful brother — had to be tricked into thinking you worshiped him, otherwise he’d get jealous. It was only safe to speak of these things in a holy grotto.

Ishikk on the Purelaker religion[1]

Vun Makak is a deity in the religion of the people of the Purelake on Roshar.[1]

Vun Makak is the younger brother of the true god of the Purelakers, Nu Ralik.[1] Vun Makak is spiteful and jealous, and the Purelakers believe that they must trick him into thinking that they worship him instead of his brother. Therefore, they do not speak Nu Ralik's name outside of their holy grottos, always swearing by Vun Makak in their day-to-day interactions.[1]

I swear it by Vun Makak, may he watch over me and curse me as he pleases.


Vun Makak is usually thought to blight or curse his "followers", and he is also associated with lying.[1] One man invokes his name after he is paralyzed by Szeth.[2]


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