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Residence Fu Abra
Ethnicity Selay
Nationality Purelaker
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

Vun Makak eye you. That’s one all right. How am I ever going to catch you, man?

—Maib to Ishikk after having her gift of soup countered by Ishikk's trade of a kolgril[1]

Maib is a Rosharan Purelaker who lives in the village Fu Abra. She is quite fond of a rare fish, kolgril, as she believes it will help provide relief for the arthritis in her fingers.[1]

She is a talented cook who regularly provides food to Ishikk, hoping to put him in her debt so he feels obliged to marry her. The pair will trade items back and forth in order to try and level the debt that they each owe to the other. Ishikk seems to hold some feelings towards Maib and considers settling down with her someday, however, is not yet ready to give up his life as a roaming fisherman.[1]

Her house is the closest the village has to an inn. It can be found in the middle of the village and provides food and, presumably, accommodation to foreigners. Like many Purelaker buildings, some, if not all, of the floor is covered in several inches of water. Maib has a table in her inn that is raised slightly higher and has accompanying footstools to accommodate for outsiders who do not wish to keep their feet in the water.[1]

Her home was used as a meeting place between Ishikk and several members of the Seventeenth Shard, who had tasked the fisherman with trying to find Hoid.[1]


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