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Residence Fu Abra
Ethnicity Selay
Nationality Purelaker
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

She was a stout woman and had been chasing Ishikk for years, trying to bait him to wed her on account of her fine cooking. He just might let her catch him someday.

Ishikk on Maib.[1]

Maib was a Purelaker from Roshar.[1]

She owns the pub in Fu Abra where Ishikk met with Grump[2], Blunt[3], and Thinker[4].[1]

Maib frequently cooks for Ishikk, trying to make the man owe her so much that Ishikk would be forced to wed Maib. Ishikk gives her rare fish like kolgril in return to lower his debt, as he he didn't want to settle down just yet.[1]


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