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Type Tuber
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Longroots are a type of plant native to Roshar.[1]

Longroots are, as their name suggests, a type of long tuber that contains a sticky sap.[1] They grow in cracks in the rock where stormwater collects and taste of minerals. As a result, longroots are covered in crem from the highstorms.

Longroots are cheap, and after they are peeled they can be stewed for eating.[1] When Kaladin's family is struggling to get by due to Roshone, they eat longroots which are often donated secretly by the townspeople of Hearthstone. Hesina and Kaladin talk about the spren of the longroot while they peel some.[1]

Drehy throws some stewed longroot at Lopen after a joke about his readiness.[2]

Lift eats some longroot whist chasing Nale to save the Stump.[3]

Kaladin takes some sacks of longroots and some lavis from the bunker owner where he hides the parsh from a storm on their way to Revolar.[4]

Lunamor cooks some longroot in the stew he makes in Narak.[5]

Veil and her crew steal some sausages, longroot and grain from Rockfall.[6]


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