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Relatives Av
Nationality Emuli
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Baxil was an Emuli thief on Roshar.[1]

His cousin was Av.

He helped an incredibly beautiful woman of apparently mixed breeding,[2] who spent her time breaking into places for the sole purpose of destroying artwork, so she did in the palace of Ashno of Sages who was said to be one of the richest and holiest men in Emul,[1] and she destroyed the statue of the Herald Shalash in the King Gavilar's palace in Kholinar.[3]

Baxil was a nervous man, and speculated on visiting the Nightwatcher to ask for courage, or at least to become more useful. He decided not to on the pessimistic note that with his luck, he probably wouldn't even be able to find the Old Magic.


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