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Relatives Av (cousin)
Profession Thief
Nationality Emuli
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Baxil is an Emuli thief on Roshar who is hired by Shalash.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He has the characteristic dark skin and hair of the Makabaki people. He is shorter than his cousin Av.[1]

He is a nervous, timid man and annoys Av with his jumpiness. During their thieving jobs, Av carries a sword, but Baxil does not. He has considered visiting the Nightwatcher to ask for the boon of courage to make himself more useful. He considers himself unlucky, and thinks that he probably wouldn't even be able to find the Old Magic if he tried.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Although he lacks confidence, Baxil is presumably a relatively skilled thief, since Shalash was willing to hire him. Their small team is able to avoid detection even in heavily guarded buildings.[1] He worships Jezrien as a god and refers to him using the Emuli title of Prime Kadasix when silently praying.[1]


Baxil and Av were hired by Shalash[2] to assist her in infiltrating homes and palaces with the goal of destroying artwork, particularly artwork that depicted her. They were not aware of her true identity and simply referred to her as "mistress". Baxil noted that she was an incredibly beautiful woman who did not seem to fit into any Rosharan ethnic group; he and Av assumed that she was of mixed heritage. He also mentioned her strange behavior, unusual clothing, and exceptionally good hearing. However, he never pried into her background, as she seemed dangerous and was paying him very well. They seemed to have been working with their mistress for some time; Baxil had become infatuated with her, and lamented the lack of confidence that prevented him from approaching her romantically.[1]

During the break-ins, Shalash prohibited Baxil and Av from stealing anything. Baxil's primary job was carrying a sack that contained a variety of destructive tools for Shalash to use; Shalash performed the vandalism herself while Baxil and Av observed. Baxil and Av helped Shalash break into the palace of Ashno of Sages, who was said to be one of the richest and holiest men in Emul.[1] The pair may have also been present during Shalash's destruction of artwork in other places, such as the Bronze Palace in Azimir[3] and King Gavilar's palace in Kholinar.[4]

Baxil had a brief conversation with Av about the boons and curses of the Nightwatcher and resolved to visit the Valley, hoping that the Old Magic could grant him courage.[1]


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