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Abilities Fused
Species Singer
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Oathbringer

Turash is a Fused on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The singer body that Turash uses during the Battle of Thaylen Field is "hulking", with large carapace armor; Odium says that the new body suits him.[1] His eyes glow red.[1]

Venli notes that Turash is sane and relatively reasonable, unlike many of the Fused; Odium also mentions that his mind has held firm.[1] He is calm but very intense, and speaks often of Passion.[1] He addresses modern singers who do not have combat training in the Rhythm of Derision,[1] indicating that he holds firm to ancient traditions. Although he serves Odium, he may have some reservations about his directives.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Like other Fused, Turash can heal using Voidlight and he cannot be killed by conventional means, as his consciousness can simply move to a new singer body. His brand of Fused is unknown, but the description of his large size and impressive carapace[1] could signify that he is one of the Magnified Ones.

He has some knowledge of military strategy, as he and Odium discuss the value of invading Thaylen City.[1]


After Venli arrived in Thaylen City, Turash told her to accompany him to the battlefield and handed her a sword.[1] Venli was in envoyform and Turash needed her to translate as he addressed assembled singers who did not speak his ancient language.[1] Unlike the singers in Alethkar, those local to Thaylenah were apprehensive about attacking the land they considered their home and they did not bear ill will towards their former human masters.[1] Turash did not understand their lack of Passion, and exhorted them to seek vengeance and become Regals.[1]

Turash then met with an avatar of Odium who called him an "old friend", indicating that Turash was a Fused of some importance.[1] Turash expressed concern about the apparent apathy of the singers, and Odium informed him that they were only there to spectate; the army Odium planned to send into battle was primarily made up of humans led by Meridas Amaram.[1][2] Turash was surprised to learn that Odium was able to inhabit humans under the influence of Nergaoul through dark spren.[1] Turash was apprehensive about Odium's order to follow a human in combat, causing Odium to strongly rebuke him with a threat to kill him permanently.[2] Turash was presumably among a group of Fused that was mentioned as being present alongside Odium and Venli when Dalinar Kholin swore the Third Ideal of the Bondsmiths.[3]


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