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Died c. 1173[1]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Took is a darkeyed transient worker in Bavland and one of Szeth's former masters.[1]

He's like a slave, only better 'cuz he's a Shin. He don't run or talk back or anything. Don't have to pay him, neither. He's like a parshman, but smarter. Worth a right many spheres, Oi'd say.

—Took speaking of Szeth[1]

He speaks in a Bav dialect and wears dirty, ragged clothing. Took appears to consider himself superior to Szeth on the basis of ethnicity. Unlike most of Szeth's masters, who eventually grow uncomfortable with Szeth's obedience, Took considers it natural for Szeth to obey. He calls Szeth a child due to the his Shin ethnicity.[1]

Took traded a farmer for Szeth in exchange for a sack of seeds, but fabricated a story about Szeth swearing to serve him his entire life. Though Took viewed himself as a seasoned traveler, he mainly cycled through the same towns in every few years. He typically stayed in poorer districts, too cheap to pay for anything finer, and frequented local bars in hopes of free drinks in exchange for wild stories--his finest being a tale in which he stole a sphere from the Nightwatcher that glowed black at night. Took would also use Szeth to impress the bars' patrons. On one evening, in the company of Ton, Amark, and a few other acquaintances, he ordered Szeth to wound himself in order to impress the miners with Szeth's obedience. As the evening wore on, the pair eventually left the bar. Took was stabbed by Makkek and his thugs that night while drunkenly walking home.[1][2]


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