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Parents Esan
Ethnicity Shin
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Thresh-son-Esan is a Shin farmer and trader in Shinovar.[1]

As a higher ranking member of Shin society, Thresh wears an enveloping, multicolored cloak and is escorted by several guards. He has a longstanding friendship and bond of trust with the Thaylen merchant Vstim.[1]

Winds of Fortune guide you, my friend. He who adds is happy for your safe arrival.

—Thresh greeting Vstim[1]

Szeth was sold by Thresh to Vstim shortly after being named "Truthless." Nearly seven years later, during Rysn's first journey to Shinovar, Vstim traded Soulcast scrap metal to Thresh in exchange for chickens, cloth, and exotic dried meats.[1]


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