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Parents Esan
Ethnicity Shin
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Winds of Fortune guide you, my friend. He who adds is happy for your safe arrival.

—Thresh greeting Vstim[1]

Thresh-son-Esan is a Shin trader in Shinovar. He has a longstanding friendship and bond of trust with the Thaylen merchant Vstim.[1]


As a trader, Thresh is privileged enough in Shin society to wear a colorful cape with his shirt and trousers, unlike warriors and workers who must wear basic brown clothing.[1]


Thresh' Shin-style full name indicates that his father was a man named Esan.[1]

Thresh regularly traded with people from other countries, and can even speak in Thaylen. These dealings with foreigners were overseen by one of the farmers, who are high-ranking members of Shin society.[1]

In exchange for Soulcast scrap metal, he often traded chickens, cloth, and exotic dried meats to Vstim. Rysn noticed as she observed one of these dealings that Thresh used humility instead of boasting as a form of haggling, downplaying the importance of his wares and expecting the other side to do the same. Vstim confirmed that this was typical of Shin traders.[1]

Nearly seven years prior to Rysn's visit to Shinovar, Thresh gave a Truthless man to Vstim. The Thaylen merchant insisted on paying for the slave, but afterwards Thresh had to throw the money away as Shin were not allowed to accept money for Truthless, who were shunned by Shin society.[1] That Truthless was Szeth, who was later sold to the Parshendi and became known as the Assassin in White.[2]


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