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Type Tree
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The stumpweight is a species of tree native to Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

Stumpweight trees are typically around six feet tall.[2] They have thick trunks[3] with a knobby, sometimes scraggly appearance.[4][1] They tend to grow in small clusters.[4]

They have long, "banner-like" leaves that only grow on the leeward side of the trunk to avoid being damaged by highstorms.[4][2] Like several other Rosharan plants, the leaves are retractable and can very rapidly fold up and around the trunk for additional protection.[2] They make an audible whipping sound as they fold.[4]

In some locations such as Kholinar, stumpweight trees are cultivated to be much taller and leafier than usual in order to provide more shade.[5]


Stumpweight trees are quite common in Alethkar and are seen growing in the Sadeas princedom.[6][4] It is likely that they also grow in Jah Keved.[3] They are usually only able to grow in relatively warm areas of Roshar.[7]

Shallan is perplexed to find a stumpweight trunk in the chasms in the middle of the Shattered Plains because the region is too cold for them to grow natively.[7]


Wood from the trunks of stumpweight trees is heavy, durable, and dark in color.[3][8][9] It is chopped down as timber[10] and used architecturally to make things like doors.[3][8] It is also commonly used to make furniture such as chairs and desks.[11][12] It can be polished and used decoratively.[13]

The sap from stumpweight trees is important in the cultivation of lavis polyps. It is mixed with lavis seeds and spread across the hills during the seasons following the Weeping, when the highstorms are relatively weak.[14]


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