Royal Institute of Barometric Studies

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Royal Institute of Barometric Studies
Type Scholarly institute
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Royal Institute of Barometric Studies is an organization on Roshar,[1] likely serving either the Alethi, Thaylen, or Urithiru crown.

Prior to Raboniel's occupation of Urithiru, a team of Navani Kholin's scholars led by Brother Benneh was using a Thaylen vacuum tube from the institute as part of weather observations on the Cloudwalk.[1][2] Initial readings from those observations indicated that atmospheric pressure and temperature on the Cloudwalk increased ahead of a highstorm and that the temperature on the Cloudwalk is generally several degrees warmer than the temperature on the plateaus at the base of the tower city;[2] these discrepancies from what would ordinarily be expected are the result of the Sibling being able to produce just enough Towerlight to power some of the tower's most basic fabrials.[3]

During the occupation, as part of her attempts to produce anti-Voidlight, Navani requested the institute's vacuum tube be moved from the Cloudwalk to her lab, a request which Raboniel granted, though she found it strange. The tube ultimately played a critical role in the creation of anti-Voidlight, allowing Navani to isolate Voidlight from Odium's pure tone so that she could then use his opposite tone to convert it to anti-Voidlight.[1]


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