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Died Ishi 1172[1]
Profession Member of Kaladin's squad in Amaram's army
Groups Amaram's army, Kaladin's squad
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Hab is a darkeyed soldier in Kaladin's squad in Highmarshal Meridas Amaram's army in Alethkar on Roshar.[2]


In 1172, Hab fought in the battle where a full Shardbearer, Helaran Davar, made an attempt to kill Amaram.[2] Hab joined Kaladin in his charge on the Shardbearer. When Helaran began to slaghter Kaladin's men, Hab tried to retreat, but he tripped on Toorim's corpse, which made Hab drop his spear. Hab, Coreb, Alabet, and Reesh were the only men of Kaladin's squad to survive the fight with Helaran. Hab witnessed Kaladin's defeat of the Shardbearer and his rejection of the Shardblade in favor of Coreb.

Later that day, Hab was summoned to Amaram's warcenter, along with Kaladin and the other survivors of the squad.[1] Kaladin repeated his desire to give the Shards to Coreb. Amaram instead ordered his men to kill the surviving four men of Kaladin's squad. Hab drew his knife and tried to defend himself, but he was gutted by one of Amaram's soldiers.

When Amaram faces Kaladin during the Battle of Thaylen Field, Kaladin accuses Amaram of feeling guilt for killing Coreb, Hab and other members of Kaladin's squad.[3]


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