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Deathbend River

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Deathbend River
Type River
Region Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

As you fly, wave to the lands along the south fork of the Deathbend River. The parshmen may have conquered them by now, but they actually belong to you.

—Dalinar to Kaladin[1]

The Deathbend River is a river in southern Alethkar.[2] It runs through the Eastern Crownlands and flows into the Mevan Bay. It is one of the most consistent rivers in Roshar and does not dry up, even during the Midpeace. It is on a good caravan route.[1]

There are six or seven villages along its southern fork including one town of note.[1]

Gavilar and Dalinar Kholin are exploring a tributary of the Deathbend when they discover the listeners.[3]

In around 1173 the local brightlord died and the land reverted to the crown.[1]

Dalinar bequeaths some land along the south fork of the river to Kaladin. Saying that as a Shardbearer he is a lighteyes of at least the fourth dahn, which is a landed title, saying that Elhokar had chosen it for him.[1]


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