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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Midpeace is a period that marks the middle of the Rosharan year.[1]

The Rosharan year is 500 days long[2] and ends with a four week period of rain known as the Weeping.[3] Midpeace occurs at the midpoint between Weepings.[1] Highstorms occur more frequently as Midpeace approaches and after it ends,[4] but they do not occur at all during Midpeace.[1] Although the exact duration of Midpeace is not mentioned, it is the longest sustained period on Roshar without rain; since "natural" storms that are not highstorms or the Everstorm are rare,[5] many rivers typically dry up by the end of Midpeace.[6]

Residents of Roshar use the fair weather of Midpeace to celebrate and travel.[7] Alethkar, Jah Keved, and possibly other nations hold outdoor festivals known as Middlefest Fairs.[1] Yokska mentions traveling to Liafor during Midpeace to see the latest fashion trends.[8]


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