Eastern Crownlands

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Eastern Crownlands
Alethkar Color.jpg
Occupied by Singers
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The Eastern Crownlands is an area of land in the southeastern part of Alethkar on Roshar.[1]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

The borders of the Eastern Crownlands include the princedoms of Bethab, Sebarial, Kholin, and Thanadal.[fn 1] The Crownlands form the eastern shore of the Sea of Spears; the area is also bordered by the Unclaimed Hills to the west and the Frostlands to the south.[1]

It is the part of Alethkar closest to the Shattered Plains and presumably gets hit quite hard by highstorms. It contains most of the Deathbend River, including several tributaries.[1] The Sea of Spears is technically a lake and is often referred to as such;[2] its waters also flow into the Deathbend.[1] The city of Rathalas sits in a canyon carved into rocky terrain at the north end of the lake, giving it the nickname "the Rift".[3] Other land around the lake consists of plains, and includes riverbeds that are dry unless there has been a recent storm. Rockbuds on the plains consume large amounts of water when it is available and grow to massive sizes, with trunks as tall as a man's waist and vines as thick as a wrist.[4]

Rathalas was once the largest city in the area, although it was reduced to ruins.[5] Somewhere to the southeast of Rathalas is the waystop Vedelliar, although it is unknown whether this town lies within the Eastern Crownlands or the Unclaimed Hills.[4] In the Cognitive Realm, the spren city of Celebrant can be found near Rathalas, on an island that corresponds to the Sea of Spears.[6]



The Eastern Crownlands were conquered by Gavilar Kholin during his quest to unite Alethkar into a single kingdom. Prior to this, the land was part of a princedom. The Crownlands became the property of the king, providing income to the throne and lands for the king to award to lords.[7]

The city of Rathalas and its leaders rebelled against Gavilar's rule both before and after the unification of the country.[8] Gavilar believed that the rebellion in Rathalas could lead the entirety of the Crownlands to attempt secession.[9] After attempts to politically quell the situation failed, Dalinar Kholin and Torol Sadeas marched on Rathalas and razed the city to set an example for the other highprinces. During this battle, Dalinar's wife, Evi Kholin, was accidentally killed on Dalinar's orders.[10] Her death was blamed on the rebels as a cover-up.[11][12]

During the True Desolation, Dalinar awarded some land in the area to Kaladin, noting that it may have already been occupied by the singer forces that were invading Alethkar.[13]


People of the Eastern Crownlands, particularly those from Rathalas, have a distinctive nasal accent.[3]

If a landholder in the Crownlands dies without an heir, the land reverts back to the throne.[13]

Notable Citizens[edit]


  1. The northern border of the Eastern Crownlands isn't clear on available maps.
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