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Dandos Heraldin

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Dandos Heraldin
Died ~800[citation needed]
Aliases Dandos the Oilsworn[1]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Dandos Heraldin, also known as Dandos the Oilsworn, was a master artist with pencils on Roshar. He was also knowledgeable about mathematics and created the study of ratios in art.[2]

Shallan Davar learned how to draw by reading one of his books,[3] though Dandos himself had died three hundred years previously.[4] In his teachings he advised that aspiring artists should paint self-portraits.[1]

He is known to have been interested in mathematics, and to have pioneered the use of ratios in art.[1]

Mraize used some of Oilsworn's art to bait Shalash into meeting him; she found a picture she wanted to destroy in his laundryroom, and he cornered her after she slashed it.[5]



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