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Titles Bridgeleader
Profession Bridgeman
Groups Bridge Three, Sadeas army
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Bussik is a bridgeman in Sadeas's warcamp on the Shattered Plains of Roshar.[1] He is the bridgeleader of Bridge Three. Bussik has a dark beard.[1]


In 1173, after Bussik's bridge crew lost two-thirds of its members in a bridge run, he tried to convince Gaz that his crew was too weak to work on stone-gathering detail.[1] Kaladin suggested that Bridge Four be assigned to stone-gathering duty instead; Gaz agreed with him, and gave Bussik and Bridge Three the job of cleaning pots. Rock correctly predicted that being volunteered for stone-gathering would annoy the other members of Bridge Four, but Kaladin had the ulterior motive of simultaneously gathering knobweed sap.[1][2]

Bussik showed anger towards Kaladin and Bridge Four, causing Kaladin to realize that most of the other bridge crews were becoming vexed by Bridge Four's sudden ability to make bridge runs with minimal losses when they had previously been the crew where people were sent to die.[1] Kaladin later realized that he was unconsciously protecting Bridge Four with his nascent Surgebinding abilities.[3]


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