Backbreaker powder

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Backbreaker powder
Type Poison
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Backbreaker powder is a very strong poison used on Roshar during the Era of Solitude.[1]


Backbreaker powder is a very lethal tasteless, white powder.[1] There is an antidote for backbreaker powder that is capable of counteracting all the poison's effects. A large amount of backbreaker powder is capable of killing the person that ingests it in mere seconds unless the antidote is taken.

When dusted over bread, backbreaker powder can be disguised as flour.[1]


In 1173, Ardent Kabsal, a member of the Ghostbloods, tried to assassinate Princess Jasnah Kholin with backbreaker powder.[1] He sprinkled it over bread like flour, and put the antidote in the jam,[1] which Jasnah dislikes.[2] For months, he failed to persuade her to ever try the bread.[1] However, after Brightlady Shallan Davar was hospitalized following her first Soulcasting, Shallan convinced Jasnah to try the poisoned bread.[2]

However, Jasnah was able to avoid ingesting the poison by Soulcasting the bread as she consumed it.[3] She also Soulcast the jam as well, as an extra precaution, unaware that the antidote was in the jam. Kabsal's plan went awry, and instead of Jasnah, he and Shallan Davar were poisoned,[2] while the antidote in the jam had inadvertently been Soulcast away.[3] Jasnah saved Shallan by Soulcasting her blood to remove the poison,[2] but Kabsal died.[1]


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