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Song of Mornings

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Song of Mornings
Related to Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Song of Mornings is a listener song. It is simple, and is meant to train young children for more complex rhythms and songs. Venli finds it satisfying, because since it is simple, you can add complexity to it, and sing the song's soul instead of just worrying about getting its lyrics and notes right.[1] It is Jaxlim's favorite song.[2]


After a heated discussion between Eshonai and Venli, they hummed to the Rhythm of Reconciliation, then to Longing, then to Joy. As Eshonai hummed, Venli sang the Song of Mornings, a reminder of a simpler time in their relationship. Although it was dusk, the song worked with the situation.[1]

After encountering the listeners that had fled Narak, Venli sang the Song of Mornings to encourage Jaxlim to remember who she was; Jaxlim had lost her mental faculties and volition is required to bond a lightspren and become a Knight Radiant. It worked, and Jaxlim recovered her memories.[2]



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