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Residence Hearthstone
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Master Ral likes things you can use. Things to sit on, things to put clothes in. But I think I can make a good chair tomorrow, something that will make him proud.

— Tien[1]

Ral is a darkeyed carpenter from Hearthstone in Alethkar. He has a shop in the town and employs several apprentices.


Ral learned carpentry from his father, whom he succeeded as the town's carpenter in 1166.[2] He eventually hired two apprentices, and in the second year of citylord Roshone's governance, Ral hired Tien as well--likely in an act of aid to Lirin's family, as Ral had little need of additional help.[3][1] Later that year, he expressed disappointment in Tien's poor productivity, as the young boy would often get distracted with projects which did not prove useful or profitable.[1]


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