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Relatives Puuli's grandfather
Profession Lighthouse keeper
Ethnicity Natan
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Even if it had destroyed many a ship, Puuli was happy for this new storm. Secretly happy.

—Puuli, thinking about the Everstorm[1]

Puuli is a lighthouse keeper in a small port village in eastern Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Puuli is a Natan man, squat and short, with blue skin and white hair. His family has lived in his small town for multiple generations. He favors hard work and tradition, and seems rather unimpressed with the way that "rich people" choose to spend their money. He is friendly with almost everyone in town, although he sometimes masks his true feelings from them. He primarily worships Kelek, and leaves him offerings of fruit. He believes that Kelek lives in the highstorm, and uses his name interchangeably with that of the Stormfather.[1]


They’ll come with Light in their pockets. They’ll come to destroy, but you should watch for them anyway. Because they’ll come from the Origin. The sailors lost on an infinite sea.

—Puuli's grandfather[1]

After the Everstorm reached his small coastal community, Puuli commiserated about the death and destruction that it caused with the other townfolk, including Sakin, Au-lam, Hema-Dak, and the Drummer brothers. He pitched in and helped those in need during the recovery from the storm, performing various tasks from cleanup to watching over children. At the same time, he collected scrap wood whenever it was available, putting it into his cart to take it to his lighthouse, which he called Defiance. He dried the wood out and used it as firewood.[1]

Although he was sad about some of the Everstorm's effects, Puuli was secretly happy about its arrival. He was not worried about his lighthouse, and was very matter-of-fact about the damage that had occurred in and around the town. His grandfather had told him legends of lost sailors who lived on a hidden island near the Origin. These sailors were foretold to return to the Rosharan continent when the night was darkest to reclaim the ancient lands of Natanatan. Puuli believed that the Everstorm must signify a coming time of changes.[1]


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