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Ethnicity Natan
Capital Stormseat[1]
Era Heraldic Epochs
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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Natanatan was one of the Silver Kingdoms on Roshar during the Heraldic Epochs.[2]


Silver Kingdom[edit]

Natanatan encompassed the southeast corner of the Rosharan continent. It bordered Alethela to the north, with the border running through a prominent mountain range to the Sea of Spears. It bordered Thalath to the west, and had a long coastline to the south and east.[2] The capital was the city of Stormseat,[1] which contained an Oathgate.[3]

Modern Roshar[edit]

In current-day Roshar, the land that formerly comprised Natanatan now includes the Unclaimed Hills, the Shattered Plains, the Eastern Crownlands of Alethkar, and the eastern Frostlands.[2][4] The name "Natanatan" is still commonly used to describe the former nation's lands, which remain largely unexplored by both humans and listeners.[5] A few settlements remain; the ruins of Stormseat were repurposed as Narak by listeners, the city-state of New Natanan is the last remnant of the former kingdom,[6] and Dawn's Shadow and The Shallow Crypts lie on the coast.[4] Native Natans also live scattered throughout their former nation.[7]

Natanatan's former territory is generally thought of as an "empty wasteland"[8] with many forests and jungles.[9] Gavilar and Eshonai each recall expeditions into the Unclaimed Hills in their youth.[7][9] The strength of the highstorms makes sailing the east coast of Natanatan in the Ocean of Origins extremely dangerous,[10] although not unheard of.[11]


As one of the Silver Kingdoms, Natanatan played a prominent role in the history of Roshar, but many of the details have been lost to history. Like the other Silver Kingdoms, its name is symmetrical, which is considered holy by the Vorin church.[12] One of Dalinar's first visions, in which he fights off Re-Shephir's Midnight Essence alongside the Knights Radiant, takes place in Natanatan during the Eighth Epoch.[13]

It is thought that Stormseat was destroyed during the Last Desolation (Aharietiam), thousands of years ago.[1] Vorin tradition holds that the nation of Natanatan persisted despite the loss of its capital and later allied with Thaylenah, Alethkar, Jah Keved, and Kharbranth as the "five Vorin kingdoms" after the Day of Recreance.[14] Natanatan was presumably still part of this coalition during the Hierocracy and the War of Loss.[15] Despite this alliance, the kingdom fell several hundred years ago[13] under unknown circumstances.

In the present day, a Natan lighthouse keeper named Puuli ponders whether the Everstorm heralds the time that his grandfather had warned of, "the time of changes, when the men from the hidden island of the Origin at last came to reclaim Natanatan."[16]


Natan people have pale blue skin, wide noses and wool-like white hair.[7] Hoid tells a folk tale about the blue moon Nomon conceiving a child with the Natan Queen Tsa, resulting in blue-skinned descendants who were blessed with poise and beauty.[8] In fact, the Natan people are human-Siah Aimian hybrids,[17][18] giving them their blue skin and an increased lifespan.[19]

Highstorms are particularly strong in eastern Roshar,[20] and many people believe that this is due to its proximity to the Origin.[21][10] Natans adapted to life with the storms, devising ways to farm the area by using low-profile crops.[22]

Hoid's story implies that Natanatan once had a rich culture and fine architecture.[8] Natanatan was nicknamed the "Granite Kingdom".[20]

New Natanan[edit]

The city-state of New Natanan, located on the easternmost coast of Roshar, is all that remains of the former Natan government. It functions as a sovereign nation, with a few smaller settlements as protectorates.[6] Despite its geographical isolation, New Natanan appears to retain influence in the Vorin church.[23] New Natanan has diplomatic relationships with other nations, and often communicates with them by spanreed.[23][24] Dalinar includes New Natanan in his meetings in Urithiru when he attempts to form a coalition to fight the Voidbringers.[6] The Natans are appreciative of Dalinar's efforts, but are primarily concerned with reclaiming their homeland and its Oathgate.[25]


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