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Profession Lighthouse keeper
Ethnicity Natan
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Even if it had destroyed many a ship, Puuli was happy for this new storm. Secretly happy.

— Puuli, thinking about the Everstorm[1]

Puuli is a lighthouse keeper in eastern Roshar.[1]

Puuli is a Natan man, squat and short, with blue skin and white hair. He worships Kelek, which he seems to equate with Stormfather, making him offerings of fruit. He knows pretty much everyone in his small town, and everyone in the town seems to know him, and so, he often helps them with various tasks, whether it's cleaning or watching over children. In return, he collects various pieces of wood from them for his ligthhouse, which he calls Defiance. He owns a cart which he uses for this purpose.[1]

While Puuli does commiserate with the others over the Everstorm and the losses it brought, he's secretly happy about its arrival, as according to his grandfather, the new storm indicates the return of people who live near the Origin, who are supposed to reclaim the ancient Natanatan.[1]


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