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Siblings Jest
Born 1152[1]
Groups Amaram's army
Birthplace Hearthstone
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Jost is a darkeyed man from Hearthstone in Alethkar on Roshar who grew up with Kaladin.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

As a fourteen-year-old, Jost already had the body of a man. He had a broad chest and thick, stocky legs like his father's.[1] He harbored resentment towards Kaladin, since he perceived Kaladin's surgical training as an easy assignment compared to working in the fields.[1] Kaladin cites Jost's name as an example of a 'solid, Alethi darkeyes' names, unlike his own.[1]


Jost was born into a typical Hearthstone family of the fourth or fifth nahn. His parents are farmers, and his father spent time as a soldier.[1][2]

As a child, Jost worked in the lavis fields outside of Hearthstone with the other darkeyed children of the village, helping to keep the polyps free of diggerworms. When they were not working, Jost played with the other children in the village, including his brother Jest, Tift, Mord, Naget, and Khav. Jost and the other children were bitter that Kaladin was able able to stay inside during the day, not realizing that he worked hard at his studies all day long.[1]

In 1166, he got into an altercation with Kaladin. Kaladin inadvertently made several comments that antagonized Jost, and Laral further agitated the situation. Jost claimed that his father should have been awarded a Shardblade after killing a Shardbearer in the wastescum skirmishes, but someone else took the Blade while he was unconscious. Kaladin suggested that Jost's father could not have possibly won a Shardblade in the fighting since the Reshi people were not known to have Blades. Jost took this as Kaladin calling his father a liar, and he challenged Kaladin to a fight with wooden staves. Despite the fact that Jost had trained in the staff and Kaladin had never wielded a weapon before, Kaladin landed several blows and only lost the fight because he hesitated to hurt Jost. This was the first time that Kaladin realized how much he enjoyed using a weapon, and he asked Jost to train him further. Jost admitted that Kaladin had done well, but declined to train him, saying that Lirin would not allow it and that Kaladin should go be a surgeon.[1] The memory of the fight and the excitement that he felt while wielding the staff stuck with Kaladin.[3]

Jost, Abry, and several other youths from Hearthstone volunteered for Amaram's army in 1168. Jost was sixteen or seventeen years old at the time; his mother did not want him to leave, as she needed his help with the crops.[2]


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