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Profession Guardsman
Groups Kholinar Wall Guard
Residence Kholinar
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Hid is a member of the Kholinar Wall Guard on Roshar. He is a member of Noro's squad, Platoon Seven, Squad Two.[1]


Hid met Kaladin as a member of Noro's squad during the Siege of Kholinar. He was present during the Fused raids on the city wall, and was admonished by Noro to stay in formation with his shield during the attacks.[1] Hid was presumably present with the rest of the squad when Kaladin revealed his ability to draw in Stormlight and when Highmarshal Azure revealed how she supplied food for the army.[2][3] It is not known if Hid was one of the few members of the Wall Guard that survived the battle at Kholinar Palace.


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