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Great Concourse of Kharbranth

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Great Concourse of Kharbranth
Usage School
City Kharbranth
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Great Concourse of Kharbranth is a school training surgeons in the city of Kharbranth on Roshar. Tuition is quite expensive and they don't admit students younger than sixteen.[1]

Vathe, a resident of Shorsebroon in the Alethkar, trained as a surgeon in the Concourse. At some point after Vathe settled in Shorsebroon, he took on Lirin as his apprentice.[2][1]

Before joining the army, Kaladin planned to apply to study and train at the Concourse. After Roshone moved to Hearthstone and began targeting Kaladin's family, Lirin and Hesina sent a letter to the surgeons of the Concourse requesting permission for Kaladin to sit the entrance exams early. Unfortunately, their request was denied.[2][3]


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