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by Treefin
Profession Ardent in the Devotary of the Mind
Residence Jokasha Monastery
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Look, there’s easy proof here that the same writing system was once used all across Roshar... Not a diaspora of texts, but real evidence they wrote naturally in the Dawnchant.
—Ellista to ardent Urv on historical use of the Dawnchant[1]

Ellista is an ardent and scholar at the Jokasha Monastery in Jah Keved.[1] She is part of the Devotary of the Mind.[1]

Ellista is a diachronic linguist and one of the scholars involved in the Dawnchant translation. She believes she has proof that the Dawnchant was, at one point, used consistently as a written language across the different nations of Roshar. Through her studies, she has also been able to determine that after one of the Desolation, societies began to try and use the Dawnchant to phonetically record their spoken language.[1]

She is a fan of Alethi epics.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Like most ardents, Ellista has a shaved head. Before joining the ardentia, she had found dealing with her hair bothersome, which has lead to an ongoing joke between Ellista and her parents as to why she became an ardent.[1]

She dislikes disruption and distraction and more often than not, would like to be left alone. She has a no-nonsense attitude towards problems, is judgemental, and believes her fellow ardents are overreacting to the Everstorm.[1]


Ellista moved to the Jokasha Monastery, at some point before Dalinar Kholin began receiving visions during 1173. After Navani Kholin provided the key to the Dawnchant, the scholars in the Monastery, including Ellista, began to decode the old texts that they had in their possession.[1]

After the Everstorm[edit]

A large swath of trees out there had been flattened by the new storm. But that was no reason for everyone to get upset!
—Ellista's musings on the Everstorm[1]

While attempting to read, An Accountability of Virtue, Ellista was interrupted by several ardents arguing about the movements of the Everstorm. Hoping for some peace and quiet, she left her reading nook in the monastery's library, and made her way to a reading desk in a nearby hallway. Unfortunately, she again was interrupted by discussion of the new storm and forced to move. After having no luck in the lower buildings, Ellista ventured into the forest where she was at last alone, and could read uninterrupted.[1]

It wasn't long until she was found by Urv, another ardent at the monastery, who had hoped to check on her progress with the Dawnchant translation. Much to her dismay, Urv did not leave after she handed over her notes, instead settling down nearby to go over her translations. She explained her work to Urv, pointing out the evidence she had found that all the nations of Roshar had, at one point, written in the Dawnchant. After the Desolation, Ellista explained, the different cultures had diverged, and begun trying to phonetically transcribe their languages using the Dawnchant. While they talked, Urv noticed An Accountability of Virtue, of which Ellista had tried to hide when he arrived by sitting on the book. Urv commented that he had read the book himself, and offered to lend Ellista the sequel, in exchange for her help translating the Covad Fragment.[1]


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