Relic and Monument

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Relic and Monument
Type Book
Author Jasnah Kholin
Language Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Relic and Monument is a scholarly text on Roshar written by Jasnah Kholin.[1]

In the book, Jasnah postulates that all of the Silver Kingdoms of Roshar used a common writing system known as the Dawnchant during the Heraldic Epochs, even though there were many different languages spoken.[1] Two ardents at the Jokasha Monastery, Ellista and Urv, discuss Relic and Monument as it relates to their work translating ancient Dawnchant texts.[1]

Ellista agrees with Jasnah's theory, and believes that the use of Dawnchant as the standard scholarly writing system eventually broke down when people started phonetically transcribing their own spoken languages in Dawnchant script.[1] This led to the development of new writing systems, and knowledge of the Dawnchant was gradually lost to time and Desolations.[1]


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