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Book of Endless Pages

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Book of Endless Pages
Type Religious text
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Book of Endless Pages is a religious text on Roshar.[1]


They worship the Almighty, but are guided by the belief that there are always more answers to be found. The book cannot be filled, as there is always something to learn. This devotary is a place where one is never penalized for questions, even those challenging Vorinism’s own tenets.

Jasnah, explaining the Devotary of Sincerity to Shallan[1]

It is a book that represents the ideals of the Devotary of Sincerity, a sect of Vorinism.[1] It is called the Book of Endless Pages because it is completely blank, representing the devotary's belief that there is always something to learn, and that the book can never be completed.[1]


A copy of the book was given to Jasnah Kholin by someone trying to convert her to Vorinism; the attempt failed, but it was 'the closest anyone has ever come to it'.[1] Jasnah seems to cherish the book, but she passes it on to Shallan Davar during her wardship, reminding her that seeking truth is always a virtue.[1] Shallan is surprised to learn of the Devotary of Sincerity, and it challenges her stereotypes about religion and ardents.[1] Shallan later wonders why Jasnah gave her the book just before piecing together the fact that both of them have the ability to Surgebind.[2]

Shallan lost the book during the sinking of the Wind's Pleasure, and she believes that she still does not fully understand its significance.[3]



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