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Profession Soldier, Quartermaster
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Oathbringer

Vevidar is a quartermaster in the army of Alethkar on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is beefy and rolls up the sleeves of his shirt. He makes sure to follow the proper procurement procedures, but also talks to Kaladin in a very informal manner. He is a bit nervous around large sums of money.[1]


Vevidar was likely a member of the Kholin army, as he appeared to have very high-level responsibities under Dalinar's leadership. He maintained an office in Urithiru where he worked with a stout woman, likely his wife, who served as his scribe.[1]

He was charged with delivering two large bags of uncut emeralds from the Alethi royal gemstone reserve to Kaladin, who had requisitioned them for use in training the Knights Radiant and their squires due to their capacity to hold a large amount of Stormlight. The gems were worth a princely sum, and Vevidar was nervous about holding them, despite the presence of additional security guards. Kaladin had been secretive about his request, presumably due to the value of the emeralds, and picked the gems up in Vevidar's office after Lyn delivered a message that they were ready for collection. Vevidar and his wife made sure that Kaladin's paperwork was in order and that he stamped it with his captain's seal before giving him the bags. Vevidar was amazed that Kaladin was allowed to use the gems, but was happy to see them out of his office. However, Kaladin told him that he would be checking gems in and out daily since he only wanted them if they were full of Stormlight.[1]


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