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World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Vehah is a form of wrestling in Alethkar (and evidently the primary or only form, since "wrestling" appears to refer to vehah by default). In a traditional vehah match, the participants wear only leggings; one may not grab the opponent's hair or leggings. A match starts with the participants standing, but eventually moves to the ground; it is advantageous to control how that happens.[1]

Dalinar engages in a vehah match with Aratin Khal. Aratin gets Dalinar to the ground and pins him; Dalinar seems to be close to breaking Aratin's grip when Navani interrupts the match. Dalinar acknowledges that Aratin is the victor, but quietly claims to Navani that he "almost had him anyway".[1]


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