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Type Sport
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Vehah is a traditional wrestling style in Alethkar on Roshar. It may be the only type of wrestling commonly practiced in the country, as "wrestling" appears to refer to vehah by default.[1]

Rules and Strategy[edit]

In a traditional vehah match, the participants wear only sparring leggings; grabbing the opponent's hair or leggings is prohibited. A match starts with the participants standing, but eventually moves to the ground; it is advantageous to control how that happens.[1]


After the Alethi armies moved to Urithiru, Dalinar Kholin was craving a physical challenge and headed to the practice grounds. He engaged in a vehah match with Aratin Khal, who had not lost in months. Dalinar enjoyed the simplicity of the struggle, but noted that he was out of practice and his reactions were a bit slow. Aratin gained the advantage, pinning Dalinar to the ground; Dalinar momentarily considered reaching for the Thrill or using Stormlight, but thought better of it. Despite Aratin's youth and leverage, Dalinar seemed to be close to breaking Aratin's grip when Navani interrupted the match. Dalinar acknowledged that Aratin was the victor, but quietly claimed to Navani that he "almost had him anyway".[1]


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