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Aratin Khal

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Aratin Khal
Parents General Khal, Teshav
Siblings Halam, Meleran
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Aratin Khal is the second son of General Khal and Teshav and an accomplished vehah wrestler.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Aratin Khal is a young man with muscular physique.[1] He has a head that appears almost too small for his body. Aratin has a noticeable gap in his teeth that is visible when he smiles. As a lighteyes he probably is often well-dressed, but while wrestling Aratin is shirtless with traditional vehah leggings.

Aratin is a proper young man, he speaks to the highprince with respect and politeness.[1] He can be informal when given permission however and is willing to take on a challenge like wrestling the Blackthorn. Unlike many highborn men, Aratin is not too afraid of sparring with a superior out of concern for hurting them.


Aratin was born the second son of General Khal and Teshav, after Halam but before Meleran.[1] General Khal played a large role in raising Aratin, teaching him about how to treat his superiors. By the time he was a man, Aratin was an accomplished traditional vehah wrestler, often winning difficult bouts. In late 1173, Aratin went on a winning streak, remaining undefeated for at least several months into the next year. At some point Aratin traveled to Urithiru through the Narak Oathgate, but it is uncertain if he accompanied his father and brother on Dalinar's expedition. He often wrestled in a large room near the quarters of the Kholin soldiers.

One day in early 1174, Aratin was challenged to a wrestling match by Dalinar Kholin, who had become restless waiting for a dueling partner.[1] He warned Dalinar that he had not lost a match in months, but agreed to the contest. Aratin managed to trip Dalinar over his hip and tried to put him in a chokehold on the ground. Dalinar managed to wriggle free of the chokehold, but Khal grabbed him under the arms and pressed his face to the mat, pinning Dalinar. Dalinar tried to break free of Aratin's grip by arching his back, injuring the man's shoulder, but their duel was interrupted by Navani before Dalinar could break free. Dalinar raised a fist and bowed to Khal, congratulating him on his victory. Once the duel was over, Aratin's friends came over to congratulate him on his victory and Aratin winced and held his shoulder when one slapped him on the back.


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